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Is Obama Gutting the Military? By Laurence M. Vance I am not a fan of Barack Obama. But since there are a lot of things that could be said about the president—all of them bad—it was perplexing to me why some far-right conservative Christians would lie about him when expressing their displeasure. It was perplexing […]

Top 9 Real Reasons to Go to War in Syria By Jon Rappoport In no particular order: One: Give the appearance of unifying the country behind the President, who “did his job the right way,” by going to Congress for approval. This elevates Obama’s ratings and, by inference, suggests that his other programs should be […]

The “Moral Obscenity” of Washington’s Empire by William Norman Grigg John Kerry insists that it is “undeniable” that the Syrian government conducted a chemical weapons attack against civilians, and then made a “cynical attempt to cover it up” by hiding the evidence. Several chemical weapons experts, including former US Chemical Corps officer Dan Kaszeta, have […]